Hilton Handcraft of the Ozarks is a family run and operated business located deep in the heart of the Missouri & Arkansas Ozarks hill country.  Absolutely every craft, art and the majority of our products are hand made by the family and some of our closest relatives and friends. We incorporate woodworking, woodturning, painting, sculpture, polymer clay, fiber and several other crafts into our pieces. Some of our products include specialty wood (woodturning blanks of all sorts, large slabs for tables/benches, thin slices for box makers, and more), gallery woodturned pieces, craft show items, custom furniture (specializing in high-end lodge furniture out of local woods) and production work (woodwork and woodturning) for other companies.

     You can be assured that your gift or piece of art is made by real people, with real hands-on skill and time here in the heartland of America.  We think that is what makes the difference for you folks.  We take our time.  Some people think we "take our own sweet time" and that's fine with us! But the results are worth it every single time.  Look around and please hollar if there's anything we can do for you..   You can start by clicking on the above menu or go to the bottom of the page if you can't see the one above.




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Back by popular demand ... See our Wood Codes, those codes that we put onto our blanks to easily see the species and characteristics.


Our Renaissance Faire page has been started.  It's something new we're getting into so that's where we'll cover all of that.  Check it out!

Look at our updated and expanded Catalog page.  If there's something you want that you don't see there, just let us know.  We're sure we can make it for you!

LatheCAM - Wood LatheCAM

See live woodturning being done in a real shop here in Southwest Missouri / Northwest Arkansas area.  You can chat, ask questions, make requests and see woodturning done so close that you'll feel like you have to shake those shavings off of you!  Click here

Woodturning Articles - We're always updating the Woodturning Articles area. Sometimes we just get an idea for an article; sometimes we keep getting asked the same questions over and over again in classes, demonstrations or shows; and sometimes we get requests from customers, readers and even woodturning clubs.  If you have something you'd like a bit more information on how to do it, just let us know!  We're here to help you.












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* Watch for some of our custom, hand-built furniture and stage props coming out in some upcoming movies in 2012 and 2013.  More information will be posted here when we can legally release it.


Demos & Classes

Wilson's Creek Battlefield, MO
KOLR 10 TV Video of us in action

It was a hot August when the battle of Wilson's Creek was fought in 1861 here in the Ozarks.  And, so it is with the 150th reenactment this year!  Many folks have already seen us out there doing our demonstrations of period woodworking, furniture making and daily life here in the Ozarks during that period and many more will see us over the course of the weekend.  Take a look around the website but just realize that much of what you saw at this event such as furniture, kitchenware (treenware) and games isn't listed in our online store or other places.  We simply make too many things to ever be able to keep this website updated.  So, if you want to order something you saw at the battlefield, just contact us and we'll get you the information.  Stay Cool !


Bella Vista, AR - Ozarks Bodging Demo
Cool, crisp Fall days in the Ozarks.  Tourists from all over the USA with tons of questions about bodging.  Some wood, a pole lathe and shave horse.  What could be better?  We were at the crafts fair this year and gave quite a show!  Several thousand people came through and I think we chatted with most of them. ha!   Check out a few of the pictures here.



Slab Coffee Table
This is a big slab coffee table we made for a friend in 2007.  Cantilevered design with a rustic look fits perfectly into the great design of the lodge type home it was custom made for. Take a look here


General Stuff

September 2010
A French Castle in the Ozarks?
I've heard of this project for a couple of years now and just haven't taken the time to go visit it firsthand.  Well, after talking with some of the artisans that are working on the castle, I decided it was time to take a look myself.  I took hundreds of pictures but will only post a few.  The panoramic pictures are very large so they take a long time to download.  Pictures here.





Bodger Blog

The New American Bodger Weblog
Views of a Green Wood Woodworker
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"It's not the 6 minutes.  It's what happens in that 6 minutes that matters."

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