It is not often that we have burls for sale but if you're interested in purchasing some burl, please contact us about availability and pricing.

* NOTE:   Burls may have bark inclusions, knots, splits, cracks, rocks and other things in them.  They are sold as-is and returns will not be allowed.



Buckeye Burl
Last fall, we received a very nice shipment of whole buckeye and maple burls.  See what we have left to sell of them here





Both of the trees below are going to yield some great burls12" diameter and under in size.


BurlTree_Wide.jpg (138534 bytes) BurlTree_Closer.jpg (179233 bytes) BurlTree_Closeup.jpg (183697 bytes)
A burl covered Oak tree


BurlTree2.jpg (153774 bytes) BurlTree2_1.jpg (156454 bytes)
Another burl covered Oak tree


When is a Burl not a burl?



Certainly looks like a nice, large burl, right?




It's about 32" across and wraps nearly all around the trunk.  It sticks out about 20" from the trunk and weighs about 750 lbs.







Here we start to get an indication that this really isn't a "burl".  See those regular, although wavy and beautiful looking grain lines, on the outter edge?  Actual burls have their grain, to varying degrees, running all sorts of directions. No regular lines of grain in actual burls.








Ah-ha!  This is a slice parallel to the burl growing on the trunk.  See that "bullseye" right there in the middle?  Yep, that's where a limb had grown out from the trunk.  This is a classic and unmistakable sign that this isn't a burl but it is a limb-overgrowth.  It just happens to be a particularly LARGE one.

While this wasn't an actual burl, it doesn't take away it's fantastic, wavy and figured grain.  It's a unique and prized find.  This should make some VERY nice turned pieces for someone.  It's just not a burl.



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